I am a philosopher at the University of Edinburgh. I work on scattered topics mostly in decision theory, philosophy of language, formal epistemology, metaphysics, and logic.

My CV (PDF).

Email: wo@umsu.de

Current courses

Recent Drafts

  • Logic 2: Modal Logic Local PDF
    An introduction to modal logic for philosophy students.
  • Knowing the Powers Local PDF
    I argue that anti-Humean accounts in metaphysics have trouble explaining how we can have knowledge of natural modality.
  • Belief, Desire, and Rational Choice Local PDF
    A philosophical introduction to decision theory, with digressions into Bayesian epistemology and value theory.

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Latest Publications

  • The Problem of Metaphysical Omniscience Local PDF
    I like possible-worlds models of knowledge and belief. These models don't allow for a priori enquiry. But then what is going on when we do metaphysics (or maths)?
    Helen Beebee and J.R.A. Fisher (ed.), Perspectives on the Philosophy of David K. Lewis, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2022: 23-40
  • David Lewis's Metaphysics(with Ned Hall and Brian Rabern)
    An overview of Lewis's metaphysics. I wrote most of the section on counterpart theory, and an appendix on counterpart-theoretic semantics for quantified modal logic
  • Discourse, Diversity, and Free Choice Local PDF
    I give a broadly Gricean explanation of various "free choice" phenomena, using ideas from dynamic semantics.
  • Objects of Choice Local PDF
    Decision theory says that rational agents choose an option with maximal expected utility. But what are the options among which she chooses?

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